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Welcome to Fight Ikon’s Website. Fight Ikon is one of the UK’s Premier Mixed Martial Arts events which showcases top class MMA fighters from both Amateur and Professional divisions. The events are fully sanctioned and insured by ISKA MMA UK and Fight Ikon was this year awarded the ISKA Promotion of the Year as well as being voted in the top 5 Best UK MMA Events by MMA Hit Pit.

The events are promoted by Darren Sherlock who is a firm believer in promoting Mixed Martial Arts as a Professional sport that can benefit everybody. Fight Ikon wish to project a positive image through the shows that will raise public opinion and awareness of MMA; benefiting us all as fellow Mixed Martial Artists and fans. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of platform for fighters to develop their skills and reputation in a fair, safe and impartial setting. We also want to give the fans an event that offers well matched exciting fights and top class entertainment, building strong relations with those involved and those who witness it.